Brand Identity Design

Here is my work communicating a brand’s values through visual elements. A brand identity is what makes your instantly recognizable to your customers.

Here is some of my work 

Brand Identity & Strategy

HealthJoy Brand Refresh

I started at HealthJoy in July 2019, and I was immediately tasked with refreshing the brand and establishing guidelines. The visual brand lacked cohesion and needed a set of rules to prevent inconsistency. The goal was to make the HealthJoy brand embody more of an enterprise look and feel, while still bringing joy and happiness to our users.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Resecurity Brand Overhaul

We were approached by Resecurity to work on a complete rebrand. They felt their current brand the importance of their work as a leading provider of strategic cybersecurity solutions.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Yello Brand Standards

I started at Yello in October 2015, officially pivoting my career from marketer to full-time designer. We started off with just a name and a logo, and we needed a brand identity to align with the new brand name, company mission and goals.