Web Design

Here are a few examples of my process for planning and building the elements of a website from structure and layout to images, colors, fonts, and graphics.

Here is some of my work 

Web design

Louvir Website Design

Louvir is an early-stage healthcare technology startup building a vendor-agnostic solution for continuously monitoring your 340B program. The client wanted to clean, modern and high-tech website design for the launch of the brand.

Web design

Rynse Website Design & Branding

Rynse is a car wash subscription service. The team approached me for their brand and website design and we worked through a mini branding exercise to come up with their logo, color palette, brand elements, and illustrative style. Using these elements we built out their responsive website. 

Web design

HealthJoy Website Rebrand

After launching a new brand in July 2019, the next step was getting the website to align with our new identity. Since the backend of the site was a mess from years of hacked together solutions, we decided to start from scratch with a completely new instance of our website.

Web design

Yottabyte Campaign Landing Page

Yottabyte was looking to push their brand with a new design system to be used and tested in a product campaign. I developed the design system and designed landing pages for this campaign using the developed brand elements.

Web design

Yello Website Design

We needed to refresh our existing website to continue to differentiate from their competitors, show potential customers how we can solve their pain points, and keep our website up to date with current design trends while still maintaining brand consistency