Yello Brand Standards

Brand Identity Design

October 2015

The Problem

Yello needed a new brand and they needed it fast; they needed it in time for a big reveal at their annual customer conference.

They worked with an outside branding specialist to rename themselves, from Recsolu to Yello. This specialist developed their logo with their new name. They didn’t have time to develop a visual brand identity so for months Yello was the wild wild west of branding 🤠. This resulted in inconsistent designs across the board.

I was hired October 2015 and immediately set out to establish a brand identity and guidelines.

The goal

Create a brand identity to align with the new brand name, company mission and goals.

The Solution

Working with the same brand consultant that helped develop the name and logo, we went through intensive branding exercises to help develop our brand personality.
We worked through numbers mood boards before eventually settling on one direction, Tilt. We decided it aligned best with where we’re going: “Yello is moving things in a new direction.”

Once we had a solid direction, the brand really started coming together. We establish a brand typeface, colors, and a photography style.

With our new brand set and guidelines in place, we were off to the races to set ourselves apart from our competitors and stand out to potential clients.