Presentation Design

Here is some of my work 

Presentation design

Instacart Onboarding Presentation

While at Sketchdeck, Instacart was my client. We were tasked with developing a presentation template for their new hire onboarding program. Since this was in an effort to get new employees excited about working at Instacart, they really wanted the presentation to be unique to their basic brand template.

Presentation design

Stats Corporate Kickoff Presentation

Charged with creating a presentation for a large corporate kickoff event to showcase our new rally cry and internal plan of attack.

Presentation design

Adobe Xd Plugin Presenation

As a part of Adobe’s onboarding with Sketchdeck, we presented them with design samples for the Xd team’s presentation on plugins. This was our pilot project with them, so we needed to show them our high design level, while still maintaining the amount of content on each slide. This was the sample that I worked on. The presentation was in Microsoft PowerPoint.