Brochure & eBook Design

Here is some of my work 

Brochure design

HealthJoy Annual Survey

We launched an annual survey to further understand the benefits of experience space and position us as thought leaders in the industry. We had to take complex HR problems and present them in a fun, and easy to understand way.

Brochure design

TechStak eBook Design

In collaboration with SEO and content marketing agency Collediscope, I worked on an ebook design for TechStak. This was a pivotal time for TechStak, as they were working through ways they could improve upon their brand, and were looking to me for suggestions. After sharing with them a couple of brand directions, we settled on a color palette, typography, and aesthetic which we utilized in this eBook.

Brochure design

Yello Recruiting Survey

After seeing the success in the first year of conducting Yello’s annual recruiting survey in 2017, we knew we needed to step up our game with the design the second year. We used our brand element, tilt, throughout the report.

Brochure design

STATS GPS Brochure

The STATS UK team needs a brochure to sell their GPS product for Football, which tracks athletes’ performance live during practice. They needed it to be high end and sophisticated to match the competition.

Using InDesign, I compiled a brochure that pushed the brand to a more sophisticated level.