Resecurity Brand Overhaul

Brand Identity Design

December 2018

The Problem

Resecurty felt that their brand didn’t capture the importance of what they were doing. They also felt like their current brand was a bit boring, and they had an opportunity to stand out in the industry.

They had worked with a previous agency that had done their website redesign and established a custom font for their brand, but it wasn’t working for them. They wanted to work with system fonts only so they could have brand alignment across many different devices without having to pay a fortune or install anything.

The goal

Create a brand identity that has more personality, and positions Resecurity as a leader in the cybersecurity industry.

The Solution

When working with any new client that doesn’t have a clear brand identity, the first step is always to provide 2-3 style samples in order to get a feel for the direction the client would like to take. I was the design director on the account, so I worked with several freelancers setting the direction based on a discovery call we had with the client and asked each of them to compile mood boards with their interpretation of the client research.
The client fell in love with the black and red option, and the brand really fell into place from there. We built the brand guidelines that established logo usage roles, colors, typography, typographic hierarchy, iconography, photography, and photo treatment.