HealthJoy Brand Refresh

Brand Identity Design

July 2019

The Problem

Throughout HealthJoy’s lifetime, the brand slowly evolved. They had tweaked color palettes, fonts, illustrations, minor aspects of our logo, etc. through the combination of freelancers, part-time employees, and in-house talent. The target customer was first consumers, and the company pivoted to a B2B approach.

With all of these changes and so many different hands juggling everything in the HealthJoy brand, the visual identity felt disjointed. There was no consistent visual style.

Adding to the challenge, there were parts of the brand we were not allowed to evolve, like the logo.

The goal

Establish a consistent brand identity that embodies an enterprise look and feel, while still bringing joy and happiness to HealthJoy’s users.

The Solution

After presenting several options for the overall brand identity, we decided on a direction. We worked with a character illustrator to help us evolve our brand mascot, JOY. After we had everything together, I created our brand guide to establish a set of rules for our logo, typography, color palette, iconography, illustrative style, and photography style.

Now as HealthJoy grows, multiple designers can create on-brand and consistent work using the set of rules outlined in the brand guide.