HealthJoy Website Rebrand

Web Design

December 2019

The Problem

After launching a new brand in July 2019, the final step was getting the website to align with our new identity. Since the backend of the site was a mess from years of hacked together solutions, we decided to start from scratch with a completely new instance of our website. We wanted to continue using our CMS WordPress and decided on using the Divi theme. The website needed to be completely restructured to align with the new communications strategy.

The goal

Align the website to our new brand and communications strategy and turn it into a lead-generating machine.

The Solution

After the content was written and the site structure was down, I got to work building a prototype to share with our CMO, and founders. We got executive buy-in, and it was off the races to build the entire website from the ground up.

The site is built using the Divi theme, which is a really robust theme allowing for a lot of customization.

We also wanted to structure the website for SEO. I built out multiple custom post types for each content piece we were putting out (Webinars, eBooks, Case Studies, Testimonials). We integrated Pardot forms for our gated content. We later switched to Gravity Forms for a better user experience.







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